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Founded Cleveland 1930

About Us

Founded and headquartered in Cleveland for more than 90+ years – Arthur Baier Company was built and is sustained by collaborating with our customers and manufacturers to communicate and serve technical or business-critical needs.

Technically knowing our Products combined with the personal relationships built over years with our Customers enables us to effectively come alongside a given project and make sure information and priority is given to realize its timely production launch or ongoing viability.

Problem solving, taking responsibility and owning the process of managing this information and these relationships are things that drive our daily priorities. Along with carefully launching projects we work closely after-the-order to make sure the steps from pilot to production move smoothly and on-time.

We are eager to engage in a dialogue anywhere from concept to cost-reduction so please let us know what we can do to get started.

TFT & VF Display Modules- Metal Capacitive Touch Gloves Wide-Temp ARM CPU

Extra Long Life Batteries- Hi Power Density Hermetic AA 1/2 AA 2/3 AA C D Cells Packs

Forward View- Smart Display Solutions TFT panels+ Touch+Inverters+A/D Kits Design Customization

Keypanels Membrane Backlit Metal Rubber dome Duraswitch Touch

High Frequency Magnetics- Mil & Med grade temp, high-isolation, 20KHz to 1.5GHz

Power Management- Thermal / Cooling Laminated Busbar Protection- surge, lightning

Contract Manufacturer- “World’s Quickest” layout to loaded PCB Assembly & Turnkey Production